Death.wav Shares “My Body”

As artists grow and mature it’s important that they push their limits to achieve more. Massachusetts musician Death.wav has quickly taken to the challenge, pushing himself further than ever before with his latest single.

Death.wav utilized this track as his first to experiment with Sound Design. The result is a sultry, R&B song that adds in trap, house, and grunge elements to create something wholly unique.

Listen to “My Body” below

This song feels like the end of the night at a house party in college. You’re sweating, faded, dancing in the dark with strangers and over the speakers plays a hazy tune. It’s produced in a way that feels noisy, yet comforting. The track picks you up in it’s embrace and takes you through to the end.

Death.wav is a young artist, kick starting what should be a fervent career at just 19. It’s amazing to see such a fresh artist push themselves to be better with each track. If he continues to do so then I have every faith he will achieve great things. With a constant stream of inspiration, be sure to see what he does next.

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