Death.wav releases “Sorry Please”

Death.wav is an up-and-coming artist, releasing a new single “Sorry Please” with a dark experimental hip-hop sound straight from the underground. This track has a glitchy aesthetic that features samples that are chopped up and served raw to the listener, following that up with his own brand of lyricism.

The 20 year old artist has already proven to be prolific. Coming from Massachusetts, Death.wav got his start producing for a friend. After getting inspired to start rapping himself, he has been developing his own sound and aesthetic ever since. Death.wav has been consistently dropping tracks, experimenting with different styles, and taking influence both from the old and new.

On “Sorry Please” Death.wav creates an oppressive atmosphere with sounds that are glitchy and distorted. With an absence of traditional percussion, his lyrical content freely floats over a sample. Creating a sound that is haunting, the production on this track blends beautiful and abrasive elements.

Matching the heavy sound coming from the beat, Death.wav isn’t afraid to lay down impactful lyrics. This track evokes some apocalyptic imagery. He presents cultural unrest in America and makes it evidently clear he is making music to send a message.

If you like “Sorry Please” make sure to check out some of Death.wav’s other tracks. He has been releasing another song every Friday for the past 7 weeks. As a promising young artist in underground experimental hip-hop, he is making a name and image for himself with his unique sound and aesthetic.

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