Mandi Crimmins Get Vulnerable With “Anyone But Me”

Rising alt-pop star, Mandi Crimmins recently released their new single, “Anyone But Me” with a corresponding music video. Battling with self-acceptance, Mandi gets vulnerable in this addictive track, creating an anthem for anyone battling their own inner demon. Using her insecurities to fuel her fire, Mandi has harnessed an edge and power into her alt-pop sound, carving out her own space in music.

Mandi Crimmins releases a riveting single and music video titled “Anyone But Me”

Empowering and raw, “Anyone But Me” has everything it takes to skyrocket Mandi Crimmins in the spotlight she deserves. Her strength and fury show through her belting out the chorus, “I’d become someone else. I’d change me if I could, if I could be anyone but me.” You can feel that deep battle with loving your authentic self and not comparing yourself to others. That struggle is perfectly depicted in the music video that accompanies the single. Mandi switches out of her alt-attire and vibrant red hair to a blonde wig and a dress and cardigan, but is visually so unhappy not being authentically Mandi.

It leaves the listener/watcher knowing that the best option is always going to be staying true to ourselves. Whether you’re a normie and proud or someone who leads an alternative lifestyle. Mandi says, “I hope listeners take away that we all struggle with loving who we are, but embracing our authentic self unlocks  pure inner happiness.”

Mandi really highlights all of her strengths in “Anyone But Me.” I would be amazed if this isn’t a track that helps launch her career to the next level. It’s full of powerful vocals, catchy lyrics, and a meaningful message which will surely connect deeply to fans. You’re going to want to stay tuned to Mandi and what she does next.

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