Matt Hewitt’s Street-Savvy Pop Is Smooth and Inspired

Matt Hewitt is a street-savvy Maroon 5

By Nicole Garman of Indie Band Guru

Everyone loves a good femme fatale, and Matt Hewitt is no exception. In his smooth new debut track, Criminal, Matt celebrates the heartbreaker with silky vocals and a radio-ready beat.

Bringing a Maroon 5 pop sound with a little extra street savvy, the song’s “side chick” sneaks up just like the bouncy chorus to take over her audience. While there are a few lines that break our hearts (Whatever you’re doing / It’s something you’re doing) as quietly as Matt’s mystery girl, the mixing and vocals are nice — we might even forget to mind some of those less inspired lyrical stylings for a minute.

If ever a track was remix ready, Criminal slides in some nice moments just waiting to be sampled.

Matt Hewitt has crafted a catchy, easy-to-own tune for a crowd who wants to sing along — besides, everyone knows what it’s like to be (or be victim to) “the type of girl / to mess up your whole livin,’” and sometimes you just have to jump in and dance about it.

Check out the lyrics video, out now through Metascope Records. Plus Matt Hewitt’s Criminal is hot and ready for downloading, available for iTunes purchase and Youtube browsing.

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