Matthew Austin Hunt Gives You “Two” Reasons To Love Him

There are certain moments early on in everyone’s lives that dictate who they will become. For better or worse, what happens to us as children massively effects who we are and what we do in life. Matthew Austin Hunt was lucky enough to have rockstar influences early on, setting him up for a path in music. At 7, Matthew’s grandfather, a recording artist in LA, gave him a guitar and his passions have only grown since then. Now, Matthew is back to share his second full length album titled, Two.

Set to release on July 30th, 2021, Two is Matthew’s moment to shine. Life happened and parenthood and corporate work took the driver’s seat, with music having steadily been in the back seat. But now, Matthew is ready to break through and share his talents with the world. Two highlights the best of country, rock, and Americana, making it palatable for fans of all genres.

Listen to “Free” the opening track of Two below

“Free” opens the album with a punch, showing you that Matthew can bridge the world’s between country and rock ‘n’ roll seamlessly. The percussion hits heavy, adding the edge to the twang that the acoustic guitar brings. Matthew’s vocals pair up perfectly with the acoustic guitar that shows a heavy presence in this track.

Two as a whole carries superb instrumentation throughout. Layers of acoustic guitar, mandolin, fiddle, and accordion play to Matthew’s country side while heavy hitting percussion and electric guitar bring out his rock side. The marriage between the instruments are what make Matthew stand out among other’s in this space.

As the album continues you see the range that Matthew Austin Hunt holds. Songs like “Things I Find” and “Healing Time” are reminiscent of the Zak Brown Band. Others like “Fun on the Bayou” and “Drink You Off My Mind” scratch that twangy, country itch. Throughout all ten tracks on Two, you’re sure to be impressed by each and every one.

Two is well beyond your normal sophomore album. Matthew has given us an impeccable, cohesive, and well thought out album with ten incredible songs on it. Fans of Americana, country, and rock need to keep Matthew Austin Hunt on their radar. Two drops on July 30th, 2021.

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