The days of needing to release a full album to get your music into the ears of the world are long gone.  As soon as one song is complete you can get it out there to your fans that become accustomed to this new hurried release cycle and you can stay in the front of their minds and MP3 players.  Our friends at Artistry Entertainment Group have mastered this and are now back with the latest release from Matthew James Allen.

Matthew James Allen

The singer/songwriter from the Great State of Texas has been in the game for a while.  Matthew was originally with the alt-rock band Midwinter that become pretty regionally well-known before their unfortunate breaking up.  He would not curl up and die but instead relocated to Nashville to refine his songwriting chops.  His hard work paid off and he signed with Artistry Entertainment Group in January 2014 after coming back to Texas.

Tomorrow, June 17th, Matthew James Allen is releasing his second single with Artistry entitled “Don’t Let Go”.  The track has the talents of award winning producer Frank Pryor on board as well so the professionalism of the song is at the top of the game.  The pretty voice of Matthew James Allen comes at the listener like a warm blanket that will keep you cozy and warm.  The melody will entertains with its twists and turns constantly keeping your ear interested.  Definitely a recommended listen.  More information can be found at:

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