Getting Personal with Matthew Logan Vasquez’s “Personal”

Matthew Logan Vasquez

By Liza Jill Meyers of Indie Band Guru

If the voices of Frankie Valli, John Lennon, and Robbie Williams melded into one, then the tone would sound something like Matthew Logan Vasquez’s “Personal” — from his self-released debut solo album, Solicitor Returns, available now.

The recording of “Personal” sounds vintage, a steady and consistent tempo with a stripped, raw, sound-studio sound. An old-school rock n’ roll feeling, which Vasquez creates by playing all the instruments himself — a technique and skill exposed not only on “Personal,” but his entire album.

The music video for “Personal” plays on the smart choices and personal touches exhibited in the making of this song, by composting a collage of snapshots and home videos as a backdrop. Vasquez, along with his mother and her girlfriend pantomiming as the back-up band behind him, are superimposed over this under-layer of memories, bringing that homey feel to center stage.

“Personal” itself may convey a message that people will come and go in life. I can attest to this sentiment: “wish you were here with me, but I can’t make that call.” But the casual vibe of the video and music, with the funky dancing of Vasquez’s mother and family friend, exudes exuberance.

Remember though, “it’s not personal,” as Vasquez chants. “Sometimes you got to fold.” Sometimes we have to move on, keep smiling, have fun, and take a lesson from Mamma Vasquez and just dance!

Matthew Logan Vasquez: One-Man Band On Tour

In other news, Matthew Logan Vasquez has released a tour announcement! I wonder how this one-man band will perform playing all the instruments at once. Maybe he can clone himself in time for his first show, in just a week. Better yet, maybe his mother will give us a guest appearance.

You cannot get any more personal than that.

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