One of the best ways to get the knowledge needed to succeed in the music business is by working on the other side of it.  Most often these jobs are started on an intern basis for little or no pay but what you can learn is way more valuable.  Our recent find Mayden Hollywood has put in the time and is now starting to reap the benefits.

Mayden Hollywood

Born in Britain and now based in New York City the indie pop musician has set his career on a positive path.  Mayden Hollywood worked in A&R for Balance Productions auditioning up to 300 singers a day and weeding out the good from the not so good.  This gave him an inside look at how the business truly works and an upper hand in his musical approach.  The sound that Mayden Hollywood has developed has that commercial appeal with innovative beats keeping it fresh.

The latest track to be released is the strong “Hollywood”.  The 4 minute song puts it all on the table.  Pretty and emotion filled vocals tell a personal story along with a soft almost atmospheric soundscape that fills the background.  The song builds to a very well produced crescendo that shows some great promise.  It is early in Mayden Hollywood’s career but he seems to be on the right path.  Jump on the bandwagon now at:

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