Hard working artists will always have an advantage in the music business.  Having some help to get that promotional  push and get in front of a huge amount of potential fans can put these artists over the hump.  Our recent find Zay has hooked up with Young N Reckless Music and seems to be on his way.

The rising R&B star was born and raised in the cold weather of Buffalo, NY but is currently on the other side of the spectrum in sunny Los Angeles, California.  At only 24 years old Zay has the work ethic of a seasoned pro.  Combining that with the drive and passion of Young N Reckless Music has helped his music get massive exposure.  Zay’s lead single “Make It Rain” already has over 150,000 soundcloud plays and is growing daily.  The use of social media and modern technology is giving the power back to the fans to find the music that they enjoy.

The latest release by Zay is his Repeat EP.  The 5 track record shows the skills of a pro R&B talent.  The opener “Love Scenes” sets the smooth laid back and romantic tone right away with some sultry lyrics that paint a picture.  Here is a trailer for the Repeat EP:

Repeat Trailer from YoungNRecklessMusic on Vimeo.

The pretty sounds continue on the lead single “Make It Rain” letting Zay’s vocals stand out while the background relaxes your body and mind.  There is a sexy tone continuing through tracks like “Scream My Name” and “Love Making 101” that let you know exactly where Zay stands.  Get a listen for yourself to some romantic Zay music at: http://youngnrecklessmusic.com/album/202524

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