There will forever be a growing number of musical styles for the artist that seeks to be original.  When a musician is willing to mix up a mass of genres to create something unique and original it will always stand out.  We recently discovered Retnas RxHab that is doing just that.

Retnas RxHab

The Brooklyn based duo is made up of songwriter Rennie RenWah and producer A.k.A ANT.  Together these musical scientists have created a sound combining a bunch of different genres that they have coined Neo-Hip-Rock-Soul.  It can attract a wide variety of listeners from all over the musical spectrum.  Retnas RxHab has been in the game together for over 10 years and had some early success on the commercial side licensing music for major ad campaigns.  Since then their sound has evolved and they live by Miles Davis’ words “Good music is good no matter what kind of music it is.”

The latest album by Retnas RxHab is Prescribed Overdose.  The 8 track record is a perfect introduction to their exotic mix of sounds.  The opener “Fighting The System” is heavy on the soul vibe with some interesting samples thrown in there to keep you guessing.  The pair shows off a talent for lyrics with “Looking For Trouble”.  The dark groove of the track provides a perfect background for a gritty dark alley lounge.  The electro dance sound pops up on “Night Life” but keeps the dark tone with imaginative auto tune and electronic blips and bleeps.  There is a club mix thrown on the end of the record fro even more ass shaking sounds.  “Never Runaway” will get the blood pumping too.  Much of this record will force even the stiffest body to start grinding along.  Enter the newly discovered world at:

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