Metricool Makes Managing Social Media A Breeze


Social media has become the number one necessity for growing artists and bands. If you don’t have at least an account on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook you’re probably not going to get near as far with your career as those who do.

Your internet presence is how you connect with fans and allow new fans to find your music. Just look at artists like Chance the Rapper, Halsey, or One Direction who now have massive careers thanks to something as simple as Twitter. Social media is the number one way to build a relationship with fans and to spread the word about your music no matter the genre.

Managing social media can be a struggle if you don’t have the right tools or know what you’re doing. There are now so many social media management tools out there that it can be hard to know what tools work the best for you and your band. Each system essentially does the same thing, posts content and shows analytics, but are all slightly different in how your schedule, write, and post content.

The latest and greatest tool for social media management has to be Metricool

Metricool allows users to analyze, manage, and measure the success of your digital content. Between being able to see real-time analytics and follow the evolution of your accounts, Metricool also makes it easy to schedule your posts and visually plan out all of your social media accounts.

Making an account is simple — all you need is an email (which you probably already have) and then you’re on your way. Metricool also makes is super easy to connect all of your social media platforms with just the click of a button.

Once your social media accounts are connected, then you’re on your way planning content, seeing analytics, and improving your social media game.

Planning content

Arguability one of the most important parts of social media is writing content. Sitting down every time you should post a tweet or want to share something on Facebook gets to be monotonous. It’s easy to just forget to post something or not want to do it because it’s hard to keep up with. Metricool makes it easy to write posts and schedule them.

Being able to plan out all your content for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn all in one place means you have no reason to slack off on your social media presence. Metricool makes it easy to write posts for each platform individually or you can post the same update on every platform. With just the click of a few buttons, it’s easy to know what platforms your update is headed to.

The visual content planner is what makes Metricool my favorite social media management tool. As a visual person, seeing the order posts are going live in is the easiest way for me to plan everything else out. This planner also had a drag and drop feature. It makes it easy to rearrange posts to a different day, time, or order.

The planner also allows you to see the best times to post on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Users on each platform usually have similar habits, so knowing when people are most likely to see your posts means more interaction. The darker the color, the more Metricool thinks posts will be seen by your followers.

Measure analytics and see growth

With social media, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut and think you’re not growing. Posting tweet after tweet, photo after photo, and update after update, it begins to feel like nothing is changing. When in all honesty, you have to be growing in some capacity.

Metricool makes it easy to see just how much you’re growing each day. From tracking followers to the number of interactions on posts, Metricool visually plots out the change each day on each of your connected accounts.

The way you grow on one platform is completely different from another. Instagram is a completely different beast than Twitter, as is Facebook, as is LinkedIn (if you’re into that). It might feel like your growth is skyrocketing on one but like you’re going nowhere on another.

The plans

Metricool Plans 2017

Metricool offers a variety of plans depending on what you need and what you want to achieve. They do offer a free forever plan if you’re looking to try it out and get a feel. However, it’s totally worth upgrading to a paid version. Being able to add not only your band’s accounts, but some of your personal accounts will make your life much easier when it comes to promoting your new projects and music.

If you’re serious about your career, the $9.99/month plan is more than enough to get you started on your way to total social media control. Be sure to check out Metricool and get started managing your social media presence in an easier way.

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