Michael Baker

Michael Baker has been busy spreading the word about his upcoming new album, Salt. It has included the release of “Claire” and “One God Dam”. The calibre of these tracks continues to showcase the strength of his songwriter talent. It is to understand why he is excited to share what he has created.

To make his listeners more eager for this, he has set free his latest track “Baby Books”. Baker says “I wrote Baby Books after losing a friend who lost his battle with mental health. It shocked me how much we wear masks every day and how hard it is to see what is bubbling away underneath. Most of the time I feel that this song is not my song to sing, but then I remember the solution of all this is to talk more openly and be prepared to share our inner demons with friends and loved ones”.

Michael Baker shares another captivating and emotive moment with his track ‘Baby Books’

“Baby Books” starts with an atmospheric electronic sound. It is a slight change in the direction to what he usually creates. But, it is a style that fits him well. With this infectious start, it sets the stage for his story to begin. He does so with the lines “As Smokey rolls under / You put another message round / Why didn’t you tell me / Why didn’t you tell me / That I could write you down / And carry you around”.

Even though the soundtrack has a different feel, Baker’s vocals are still captivating as ever with his emotive tone. He has genuine talent in the way he connects to his art and brings it to life with his voice. You can feel the soul of the song as he delivers each word. Nothing highlights this more than the final line “Now that you’re gone”.

Lyrically, when it comes to its chorus, he delivers an honest emotional punch. He moulds his words to paint a simple picture that says so much. They are “Cause I’ve spoken with the doctor / Said you looked tired in your soul / If I could help you now / I would help you out / And I hope you’re good / Now that you’re gone, Now that you’re gone”. These words are certainly thought-provoking and this is what Baker wanted to achieve with “Baby Books”.

We now have three tracks from his upcoming album Salt. It is hard not to be impatient, as we want to hear more of what he has created. Michael Baker will be showcasing more new tunes as well as other outstanding “Dust & Bone” and “Caroline” during his upcoming European Tour. Check out the dates and catch him live as his music is even more compelling live.

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