Scott Kirby Gives Us A Dip In The ‘Cool Water’

Scott Kirby

Often times we forget how great our lives can be. Everyone will have difficult times but those willing to see them through with gratitude usually get to the other side with a positive result. Our recent discovery Scott Kirby is a great example of this and his story of thankfulness should be an inspiration to all of us.

The alternative Blues artist hails from Northern Wisconsin. Scott Kirby discovered songwriting and guitar at the age of 12 and dove into the music of the top musicians of the day. Songwriting legends such as Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Tom Petty, and Johnny Cash became his heroes and inspiration. His style puts it all out there for the listener to become part of the journey. Kirby is a prolific writer with nine album releases already under his belt. 

Yesterday Scott Kirby released his latest single “Cool Water” recorded at Rock Garden Studios in Appleton, Wisconsin. The contemporary Blues song drips with emotion and the message of the songwriter. In Kirby’s words “This is a song about gratitude. Being grateful for the people in your life who are with you through thick and thin, up and down, good and bad, sickness and health. He went through some difficult health issues with his new bride but always kept an eye on his blessings. It shows on “Cool Water”.

The elegant guitar pairs perfectly with Scott Kirby’s emotion-filled vocals. The addition of Lead guitarist Kelvin Kaspar, Bassist Charlie Strong, Drummer Dan Cable, and the Keys of Marc Golde fills the speakers with a true beauty. The song draws you in with an appreciation for the story being shared. You will be challenged to keep your body from swaying along.

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