Michael Baker

Michael Baker retreated to the countryside to record a new collection of songs. Together with his friends Andrew Stuart-Buttle, Tom Anderson, Ed Martin, Oli Hinkins & Fred Hills, they have created something special. It captures the raw authenticity of their live performances while showcasing his songwriting talents.

To prepare people for this upcoming album, he has released his new single “Claire”. This track is about dealing with mental health. Baker says “It is about how life can feel like we are drifting through in a dream or hallucination. Meeting people at first can feel like holding up a mirror to all your demons. Ultimately, connection to the world is everything we need on this little journey. It’s about the importance of space, and how respecting someone’s solitude can be the kindest form of intimacy and love.”

As soon as the track begins you are instantly pulled in by the beautiful and minimal use of the keys. Then the rest of the band come in to create a captivating atmosphere. It does not take long before Baker’s delicate vocals arrive with the opening lines “So cut it up and let it ride / Just swan it up around / For I am pieces on rock / I am eyes upon the hill”.

This song has been put together with a genuine love for the craft. Its overall sound is a treat on the ears. These musicians have created a beautiful audio landscape for Baker’s lyrics. This group also bring something equally impressive when they support the lead vocals. Their harmonies bring so much as showcased during the lines “You have a little rope to climb to be escaping / Then it’s clear we are hallucinating”.

There is one element of the songwriting by Baker that has always been a constant and this is his way with words. He has always excelled in the way his lyrics contain a genuine emotion. When he brings it to life with his voice, then this talent shines. No lines showcase this more than “But are we really just riding up upon the wave / Cause babe I can see the fires burning on the lake / And the waterfalls down the smile lines and then my baby tires”.

‘Claire’ is a taster of what to expect from the new album by Michael Baker

With the quality and depth on the new single by Michael Baker, his new album is shaping up to be his best work to date. Until its release, try and catch him live as his gigs are something special.

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