Super Squid Feeds Us At The ‘Flow Diner’

Super Squid

The thought that a musician must stay within a set genre is dead and buried. Today an artist is free to blend sounds how he wishes and create fresh music that can go in multiple directions at once. One project that has taken this to heart os our recent find Super Squid.

After growing up in Louisiana and learning bass guitar from a friend on a second-hand bass Scottie B. Squid got his feet wet in an assortment of local bands. More instruments were learned along the way including guitar, percussion, synths, and even picking up vocal skills with a unique flavor.

The life-altering Hurricane Katrina disaster led to a move to Northern California where music exploration is just about mandatory. This was a perfect setting for the musical mind of Scottie B. Squid. The result is the exotica that is Super Squid.

The project was born from a need to get ideas out without outside influence. There are different paths to success in the modern musical landscape. Super Squid is not out there chasing endless gigs. Instead, he writes, records, and produces SS music at home with a guest.

The third record by Super Squid is to be released on April 26th, 2019 is the innovative Flow Diner. The 8-track album is a journey through an eccentric mind. The opener “Boudin Man” begins with an almost classical feel with strings and a trance-like vibe before exploding into a zydeco-metal sound taking influence from his Louisiana upbringing. This will be a different record.

Begin A Journey With Super Squid

A sub-plot of mental health and poverty begins on track 3 with “Triage” There is obvious angst as a dark story emerges. The bass skills emerge on “Queen’s Gambit” as a dark tone takes us through more of the story. Something is building here that we need to keep an eye and ear on. Some punk soul takes us through “Capacity” before we hit “Discharge” and the bouncy fun sound with an old school rap lyrical style.

Post plot, we dive back into “Boudin Man (reprise)” that takes us through all of the experimental sounds that Super Squid is free to play with. Just when you thought you heard it all here comes bonus track “B-Wood” that pokes fun at the suburban life while adding even more exotic sounds.

Super Squid has given us something to truly morph our minds and make us think. Dive in and enjoy.