Michael Todd – Long Time Coming Solo Debut

Michael Todd

Being part of a band is an amazing experience.  You get to create music with people that will often end up being your closest friends.  The thoughts and emotions that you share will make an unbreakable bond.  Your skills improve too as you open your mind to the ideas and talents of your bandmates.  As time passes though you may discover music inside you that may not be right for a full band.  These songs need an outlet too.  Our recent find Michael Todd has finally moved towards a solo career.

The native of Oklahoma has been in the music industry for quite a long while.  It all began at the age of 8 when Michael Todd started singing with his brother in The Todd Brothers.  The duo became a popular touring act that gave him the chance to be a true travelling musician.  He has sung around campfires in Alaska and on subway platforms in NYC; performed at schools from Chicago to Boston; headlined venues in Baltimore and Connecticut; and toured Europe several times.  Michael Todd was living the dream.  He later settled back in Oklahoma and started another band called The Wild Frontier, which recorded three albums of original music and had success regionally.  

The Stories Inside Michael Todd Could Fill An Album

The music inside Michael Todd was calling throughout this time though.  Now he is finally looking to show off his singer-songwriter side with a debut album titled Crashland.  There is an authentic feel from the first notes of the opener “The Cave”.  The vocals are full of emotion that welcome the listener “down, down, down” to his world.  The feelings continue on “See You In The Night” with a raw song filled with echo and plenty of space to appreciate each note Michael Todd can hit.  There is a fuller and more atmospheric sound shown on “Big Ol’ Sky” with harmonies filling the full soundscape.  There is a dark vibe on “Specter Rises”.  The acoustic strumming and vocal delivery put the listener is a place where only the song exists.  The album closes with the energy of “The Undertow”.  The storytelling hits hard as Michael pours every last bit of energy and emotion into this one.  This one may stand as my favorite track of the record.  

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