Michigander Prove ‘Everything Will Be Okay Eventually’

Michigander emanates a magnetic Midwest spirit. Delivering uplifting anthems, raised even higher with lyrics, and arena ambition. And their EP Everything will be Okay Eventually is a prime example of storytelling with lyrics and arena melody.

The first track, “Better” is a solid opener on a first listen, with lyrics about wanting to be a better human. “Let Down” is a short track but the song is about having high hopes that get knocked down, which is something everyone can relate to; If you know what it’s like to have goals for yourself but you end up getting pushed back, this song is for you. “Saturday” starts very slow and mellow. “It always feels like Saturday when I’m next to you,” definitely sets the tone for the song as it goes from slow to upbeat and catchy.

“Headlights” Something about the lyrics “Waiting for your headlights to stare back at me” that sets the tone of the song, and with the help of their catchy melody, tells the story of heartbreak and not wanting to get over someone. “OK” is a fun and catchy melody; and even though it’s a short track, the lyrics really hit and blend well with the melody. “It’s okay to be lonely, it’s ok to be alone sometimes” really caught my attention. Last but not least is “Together”. This is a beautiful track, and with the help of adding piano and harmonies, a beautiful way to close the EP. I’m in love with the line “if the world’s gonna fall apart, maybe we could fall together.” 

It’s hard to pick an overall favorite track, each track sets the story of the EP so well. The lyrics of the tracks help set the story, and help say the meaning of these songs which is; it’s okay to feel these emotions but know you’ll be okay. 

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