The Willing Comes “Full Circle”

The Willing

Often as we get older we yearn for the music we played in our past. Some of our fondest memories were those early days of creating music with our friends. Unfortunately most of us will drift apart and move into “day” jobs and those fun times just become a good memory. Our recent discovery The Willing has lived their dream and is now back together and keeping it going with another new album.

The band from Chicagoland played many shows around the midwest throughout the 1970’s as Ultima Thule. The 5-piece group consists of Dave Angel: Bass, Guitars, Keyboards, Kent Cooper: Drums, Percussion, John Krahenbuhl: Keyboards, Guitars, Dan Smith: Keyboards, Rich Wigstone: Guitars, Keyboards, Percussion. All members of the band provide vocals as well to produce a melodic Adult Alternative sound that never gets old. 

The Willing reformed in 2008 with all the original members and got back to work just like they never took a break. Music flowed, spawning 3 full length albums and a string of singles signing with Rave Song Records. This month sees the release of their Fourth album Full Circle.

The 11-track album is an emotional rollercoaster that could fit in just as well in any decade over the past 50 years. The sound of The Willing is as fresh as ever. The songs for Full Circle were written and recorded over about a two-and-a-half-year period from mid-2018 through 2020. With the pandemic hitting the release was delayed but now it is out for the world to enjoy.

The opener “Having A Good Time” sets the tone and it is not just a clever title. The fun is here and good times are to be had by all. A wide range of influences are shown such as the country tinged track “You Got This One” through Brit-Pop sounds on “Beautiful Sunshine.” The willing is known for just making music as it comes to them with no restrictions.

Some romantic yearning can be heard on “Who Wants To Fall” as the emotional vocals paint a picture that many of us can relate to. The mellow story seems to continue on “Six In The Morning.”

Some exotic xylophone sounds start off the journey of “Last Hour Of Sunlight.” The song is full of pent up energy that seems to go in any direction the band feels it can go, keeping the listener guessing along the way. This is truly quality songwriting.

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