Middle Child is His “Mother’s Son”

Middle Child

There are many reasons for both creating and listening to music. The power that it holds can be expressed in a wide array of ways. The artist that is able to harness this power has a duty to share it. Our recent discovery Middle Child seems to have found a way to do just that.

Originally launched back in 2014, the project is the brainchild of artist, producer, and DJ Dan L. Middle Child is his side project to express his true self among his varied musical influences. There is also the goal to give hope to others struggling with mental/emotional health and ultimately glorify God. Quite a force when put together with powerful music.

Middle Child music caught some major attention through 2017 with a string of singles including “Awaken,” “Miracle,” “Bliss” and “Mercy.” Disco Fries label, Liftoff Recordings and CHroma Records/SONY picked up some music and helped it reach 100’s of thousands of new listeners. Middle Child was named one of “EDM Sauce’s Top Artists To Watch” in 2018.

Now Middle Child is back with new music. His single “Mother’s Child” feat. soloftt x yhwhhh is a truly beautiful piece of music. An assortment of sounds mesh together to form quite an elegant melody. The heartfelt vocals drip with emotion. There is no holding back as all the feelings are shared. The chilled out trap style drums add another layer. This song will take multiple listens to fully absorb with so much going on.

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