Kazemi Comes Out Of Nowhere With ‘Passed The Buck


Here at Indie Band Guru we get sent so much music on the daily it is often tough to keep up. Sometimes an artist reaches out with full stories, a portfolio of images, and bunches of links to find their music. Today we are on the other side of that spectrum with our discovery of Kazemi.

After trying to do some searching we could not find much but the music can lead the way. The hip hop artist is based in Canada. Kazemi seems to be taking his influence from early 2000s legends such as Eminem and 50 Cent. But he also borrows from the more modern sound to create something uniquely Kazemi.

So far we can only find his Apple Music exclusive track “Passed The Buck.” The smoothed out beat drips with sultriness. The vocals of Kazemi match that sexy energy as he lets loose with smooth lyrics. He has been writing songs for over 10 years and it shows.

Big things may be coming from Kazemi. You can keep up with him HERE.

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