Middle Kids Ablaze on Stage Live @ Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn

Middle Kids

The Music Hall of Willamsburg welcomed Australian band Middle Kids on September 16. The group only emerged on the scene with their debut single “Edge of Town” in May of 2016, but things are moving fast for the Middle Kids. They dropped their first EP this February and already have new songs on the way. The audience was treated to some of these up and coming tracks, as well as the entirety of their self-titled EP.

The Middle Kids put on a real show from start to finish. From the moment they took the stage, they used it like a playground. Jumping about and rocking out to the likes of “Edge of Town” and “Fire In Your Eyes”. In between songs, members Hannah, Tim, and Harry shared banter with one another and the crowd. There’s an undeniable amount of chemistry within this group, and it really shows once they’re on stage. Hannah Joy’s smoky vocals in combination with their indie-rock style leaves this lingering impression on listeners. It’s hard to believe that Middle Kids have only been performing together for a little over a year with how polished they already are.

Middle Kids’ Versatile Sound

There’s also a flexibly to Middle Kids that not all groups possess. They’re able to balance aspects from differing genres within their work. I was particularly impressed with how “Doing It Right” was unlike the rest of their EP. When it came to this song, the band left Joy out on the stage alone. The room came to a hush as Joy performed this ballad-like lullaby. This song is all about uncertainty, which could be felt within the lyrics and solo performance itself.


Middle Kids


With new music on the way, I hope we’re lucky enough to see what else these Middle Kids can do in terms of mixing daring, new sound with shades of old school rock. After getting a taste of what they’re working on now, it’ll be interesting to see what their first full length album has to offer. Check out more from them on their website.

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