Midnight Canyon rises with Debut EP

Midnight Canyon

We are all well aware of the damage that the Covid-19 pandemic has done to the music industry as a whole. I can’t even explain my disappointment in the fact that I have not been to a live concert in 9 months. Fortunately some good has come out of this as well. We recently discovered the band Midnight Canyon that would probably not exist if it wasn’t for busy schedules being wiped out. 

The group emerged when three well respected Chicago artists found plenty of free time on their hands. Danny Chaimson (whose credits range from O.A.R., Mike Doughty and Orgone, to Tyga, Solange Knowles, and Mike Posner) called good friends Packy Lundholm (I Fight Dragons, May Erlewine, Woody Goss) and acclaimed singer-songwriter Pat McKillen to come in for an experimental, no expectations, strictly for fun quarantine jam session. The jamming led to songs, which led to recordings, which led to expert production in Chaimson’s home studio. A warm reverence for 70’s songwriting and heartfelt lyrics led to the official formation of Midnight Canyon.

Now the band has put their 5 favorites together into their self-titled debut EP Midnight Canyon. Opening with “Meet You Where The Ocean Starts”, sets that warm early Bruce Springsteen like tone mixed with the more modern Americana sounds. The emotional vocal delivery draws the listener into the soul of the song. This is classic songwriting.

Some diversity is shown by Midnight Canyon with the traditional country sound of “Angels & Devils” taken to a contemporary pop level with expert instrumentation. These are true artists blending their talents together perfectly. “Don’t Leave Me In The Dark” slows it down a little for the heartfelt song to really grab the listener. A smooth guitar solo meshed with beautiful vocal harmonies puts the track right there alongside classics by Steely Dan and Jackson Browne.

For the closer “Piano in The Dark”, Midnight Canyon stays in the soulful zone for an alt-country/indie rock standard. Layers build on top of each other seamlessly again highlighting the production skills of the project. 

Keep up with Midnight Canyon on INSTAGRAM for more. 

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