Million Miles Gets Intimate with Music Video ‘Love Like Yours’

Million Miles

London-based soul singer Sophie Baudry has begun a new project under the name Million Miles — the latest offering being a homey and intimate video for her song “Love Like Yours.”

Raised in Paris and now living in London, Baudry has been profoundly drawn to and influenced by American soul music. After moving to Nashville on a creative whim, she has found much inspiration in the culture and music that surrounds her.

This inspiration has culminated in four singles, which together form the debut EP for Million Miles, called Berry Hill.

Million Miles’ Newest Single is Upbeat and Soulful

The latest release, which rounds out the record, is “Love Like Yours,” a song full of optimism and light.

Baudry is joyful, singing about how she has finally found what she’s been looking for: love. Everyone else seems to have a deep and profound love, and in “Love Like Yours,” she has it, too.

The soul in Baudry’s voice magnifies the passion in the lyrics, which are meaningful to her.

“Lyrically its quite personal and really reminiscent of a specific time in my life,” Baudry says.

The song shows off Baudry’s soulful vocals and inflections, really highlighting her musical influences.Though there’s an inherent complexity and skilled craft to every twist and turn of the track, Baudry makes it sound easy.

Of all of her creations as Million Miles, “Love Like Yours” is Baudry’s favorite.

Video for “Love Like Yours” is Intimate and Nostalgic

Sophie Baudry wants to emphasize the personal nature in the song’s music video, so she filmed the video for “Love Like Yours” at home.

The video features Baudry’s silhouette against a moving backdrop of projected clips from a trip to LA. Though simple in concept, its execution is well-crafted.

It takes the personal nature of the song and elevates it by showing Baudry in her own environment. The clips from a past trip also add a hint of nostalgia as Baudry reflects on a certain time in her life.

“Love Like Yours” is the perfect showcase of Baudry’s soulful voice and songwriting talents.




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