‘I’m In Love’ with Mini Mansions’ Recent Release

Mini Mansions

Considering how competitive as the music industry is, it’s always impressive when a band manages to climb the ladder of success to find recognition on a worldwide stage. Difficult enough to accomplish once, artists of various groups often seek to expand their sound and style by taking on side projects or entering into side groups. After finding success in their original bands, the creators of Mini Mansions did just that and have been taking the indie-pop scene by storm for over a decade – proving that if you have the talent to make it big once, you can do it again. Formed by artists Michael Shuman (Queens of the Stone Age), Zach Dawes (The Last Shadow Puppets), and Tyler Parkford (Arctic Monkeys; The Last Shadow Puppets), the three came together in 2009 to create a style uniquely their own as seen in the release of their latest single, “I’m In Love”.

A Side of Success

Taking on roles similar to their prior musical positions, Shuman entered Mini Mansions as the band’s lead vocalist and guitarist while Dawes picked up the bass and Parkford joined in on the keys and with supporting vocals. Since the release of their first EP in 2009, the trio’s individual styles have continued to develop and shine in each subsequent release and will no doubt be prominently broadcast across A Guy Walks Into A Bar…, the band’s upcoming third album. “I’m In Love” is the first preview to premiere off the album which will drop in its entirety on July 26th to take listeners on a journey through the highs and lows of love.

Staying true to the band’s pop persona, “I’m In Love” opens with an instantly catchy keyboard riff that gives the song a playful vibe you can’t help moving to. The upbeat tempo seems to overflow with emotion, mirroring the chaotic intensity of falling head over heels for someone.  From start to finish, the rhythm continues on like a racing heartbeat while lyrics such “as I like the feeling when there’s dope in my veins… but these emotions they can drive me insane” paint a picture of lovers balancing on a tightrope between realism and idealism.

The perfect inclusion to your summer playlists, “I’m In Love” has already lit up stages across North America and will continue to do so across the pond as Mini Mansions prepares to embark on their European leg of the tour. Helping to bring the full energy of A Guy Walks Into A Bar… to life, Shuman’s fellow Queens of the Stone Age bandmate Jon Theodore will be joining Mini Mansions on the drums as they rock their way across the continent. Kicking off the 27 show series on July 5th in France, Mini Mansions will be supporting bands such as Muse, Weezer, and Franz Ferdinand across 14 countries. In addition to stadium shows, Mini Mansions will be making an appearance at several summer festival including both Reading Festival and Leeds Festival in the UK as well as the Rock En Seine Festival just outside of Paris which will bring the tour to a close on August 25th.

If you aren’t able to attend this summer series, rest easy and take the time to memorize “I’m In Love” and the other upcoming hits from A Guy Walks Into A Bar… so you can be ready rock when more shows are finally announced. With such big names on the lineup alongside Mini Mansions, European listeners should act fast if they want to secure a spot at what is sure to be some legendary live performances.

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