Moonwalker Levels Up with Newest Hard-Hitting single

New York-based band Moonwalker truly takes you to space with their newest single, “Level Up.” This single is fitting, an eclectic mix of alternative rock with some spacey synths. The song has an interesting dynamic, starting off with spacey Beach House vibes. From there, the song transitions into a hybrid of this sound with rock music, or dance-rock. The song feels like a completely different song than what you started out with by the time you get to the chorus. This is achieved through lead singer Rob Crews’ hard-hitting and electrifying vocals, complemented by an accumulation of synths and rock-driven guitar progressions.


“For this band, much of the writing took place while watching outer space movies and nature documentaries. That really gave the music a different dynamic. The name says it all. It takes this space fascination and ties it into the dance aspect.”


Coming together as a band in January 2017, Moonwalker has made a ton of progress as a group. The band consists of vocalist Rob Crews, guitarist Mark Neidhardt, and bassist Bryan Witt. They have found themselves exploring new territory in their sound, according to Rock N’ Load.


You can listen to Moonwalker’s newest single here: 


Regarding their upcoming album, Crews says “Over the year we’ve made a ton of musical changes, but the one I’m most proud of is our change in attitude. With every song on this new record, we are being very unapologetic with our choices sonically and lyrically. We aren’t pulling any punches this time around. There are going to be songs that are joyous as hell, heartbreaking as hell, romantic as hell, angry as hell and sassy as hell. As a songwriter and performer, I have never felt more liberated and I can’t wait to show everyone what we’ve been up to.”


Neidhart also shared his thoughts on their latest work and his excitement for the future. “On this new album, we take it to an entirely new level and have created something I don’t think anyone has ever heard before. I’ve never been more inspired and excited about making music and I’m so stoked to show everyone what we’ve created.”


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