N2BLU Are At It “Again”

N2BLÜ are back at it “Again” with their latest single titled as such. Jonathan Arceneaux and Konstantin Smorodnikov have been creating electronic/dance music together as N2BLÜ since 2016. Continuously working as a team to hone in on their craft, 2020 has seen the peak of their performance thus far with their single “Again.”

“Again” is an upbeat track that you can throw your hair down to. Every second feels like the perfect moment to dance, fitting for a night club or party. The beat constantly bumping, keeping you in time throughout the song. High pitched synth provides the contrast to the bass that the song needs and adds the entrancing element electronic and dance music is known for.

Using romantic nostalgia as inspiration for the single, the lyrics capture the essence of looking back on a relationship and wanting nothing more than to have it back.

“Just when you think you’re done with Love, you find out that Love isn’t done with you. “Again” explores the wants and desires inside each of us. Even when we have convinced ourselves that Love is too painful or isn’t worth it, a ‘Spark’ inside each of us is there to remind us that we’re not meant to be alone and that we will all be found in our own time. – N2BLÜ on “Again”

And even though the content may be emotional in it’s nature, the song is nothing but upbeat and effervescent. So get your dancing shoes on (in your living room, bedroom, or kitchen) and get down with N2BLÜ and “Again.”

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