Rios Takes Us Out West To ‘See My Baby Again’


Creating music is a truly personal experience. Each of us has our own journey and inspirations that turn into our songs. Often it takes a while to reach this place but the music in our soul will always find its way out into the world. We recently discovered Rios and are excited to see the results of his interesting journey.

The man behind the Rios moniker spent ten years in the US Army before settling down in Miami and committing himself to bringing his musical vision to life. The artist has plenty of stories to tell and hard-earned wisdom to share. To be more authentic, Rios has even created unique instruments including guitars made from discarded cigar boxes. The result is a sound that is all his own. An edgy mix of indie rock and spaghetti western influenced storytelling.

The debut single by Rios is the attention grabbing “I’ll See My Baby Again”. Right from the start the galloping beat and panning speaker effect let us know we are in for something different. The lyrics provide a full story for us to follow along and keep us impatiently waiting for the next verse. That western touch in both the steady beat and storytelling style adds an element that keeps the listener’s attention focused. 

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