Naomi Punk Bring New Meaning to Art with Video for ‘Chapter II’

Naomi Punk

Noted for their signature sound, Naomi Punk are back at it again with a video for “Chapter II” off their latest album Yellow.

In a video directed by April Davidson and Schanen Ryan, the experimental project from Naomi Punk comes to life. The “Chapter II” video responds to themes of mind and body connection, looking at structure versus chaos, and the current political situation in an artful form.

Filmed at a rocky beach, colorful fabrics are left draped around the beach. Though the orange fabrics have individuals in them, artfully causing an art-filled ruckus. From various poses, crawling around on rocks and walking across the wet sand, you cannot tell the orange blobs apart.

Davidson and Schanen write in a statement: “In the video, there is an attempt to take away the individual from the visual language. Through play in our immediate environments, we hope to resonate with the song’s lyrical narrative which tells us of the cyclical practice in finding personal enlightenment bringing new/next challenges, not conclusions.”

This creative concept for drawing the individual out of immediate environments is resonated through the entire 5 minutes of video played over the mechanical, scraping art punk Naomi Punk have written to be “Chapter II”.

Their latest album Yellow is something that no other band could put together. The 25 track clocks in near 75 minutes in length. You wouldn’t want that from any artist, yet Naomi Punk create an easily digestible album that takes “long play” to a whole new meaning.

Singer and guitarist Travis Coster, guitarist Niel Gregerson and drummer Nic Luempert have been working together since 2012, when they released their debut LP, The Feeling. The band has been able to create a sound so unique for Naomi Punk that no others have come close to.

Seamlessly finding a way to bring their music out of the studio and on to the stage, Naomi Punk put on shows so loud everyone tends to require earplugs to enjoy the show.

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