The National Reserve Announces New Album with Lead Single ‘Standing on the Corner’

National Reserve

Brooklyn-based group The National Reserve wants to remind you of the beautiful simplicity of the all-American bar band. They’ve recently announced their second studio album, Motel La Grange, which is set to drop May 11.


After years of playing in bars, they’ve crafted an Americana rock sound with a ’70s flair. Their songs are a mix of many different influences, from R&B to funk to soul, but above all, they’ve got a focus on fun and maintaining a great energy.


Motel La Grange follows 2015’s EP Easy Does It, an album that established The National Reserve as a band with a unique and special interpretation of what gives music that truly American sound. These songs have a more laid-back groove, but three years later, Motel La Grange is an aim at a more direct and rock-driven flair — and it’s also their first full-length record.

The National Reserve Releases Lead Single “Standing on the Corner”


May might seem like a long way away to hear The National Reserve’s full-length Motel La Grange, but you can get a good taste of it with their lead single. Released alongside the band’s album announcement, “Standing on the Corner” is a great piece of rock-n-roll.


Singer/guitarist Sean Walsh’s voice shines throughout the song, leaning into a steady groove. “Yes it’s true / all I need is you,” he sings in the chorus, voice slightly raspy but strong.


Behind the vocals is a complex and interesting conversation between two guitars, their musical lines crossing and layering atop one another.

Since The National Reserve is all about that American bar band atmosphere, it only makes sense for them to hit the road and bring their good vibes around the country. They’ve got shows lined up through September all along the eastern half of the United States, and they promise to bring fun and fiery energy.


Motel La Grange, The National Reserve’s full-length debut, is set to release May 11.



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