Night House

Night House are a band who have developed a reputation for a sound that blends minimal electronica with an atmospheric orchestral arrangement. In its early stages, this was all assembled by singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Nick Williams. Now he has recruited the talents of Alfie Weedon (double bass), Amy Squirrell (cello), Andrew Stuart Buttle (violin), Freya Bowes (clarinet) and Juan Torán (electric guitar) to help bring his musical creations to life.

Their new single “Unfold” is the beginning of what will be a busy year for the band. This release has a more personal element about it. Williams says this song “focuses on the moments of change in a relationship that is breaking down. The track was written for a close friend after his breakup with his boyfriend. I wrote ‘Unfold’ as an attempt to comfort my friend that this pain, however hard, in time will pass.”

As soon as the track begins, you can feel the emotional tone of the situation. Especially with its opening lines “Unfold every lie / Rewind and replay / Falling into blue”.  The mood is matched by their trademark arrangements which focus around the subtle but captivating use of synths. However, there are moments when the use of the cello and violin step into the spotlight. When it does, it intensifies this listening experience.

This song stands out further thanks to the vocals presence of Williams. He delivers an honest emotion that grabs the listeners attention. It is used to give his words more impact which the lines “if it’s more than you / You feel you can take / If it’s more than you / You feel you can take” highlight. It is clear to hear that he has a genuine connection to what he has created. As a result, “Unfold” is a stunning track that deserves the praise it will receive.

‘Unfold’ by Night House is beautiful music meets captivating storytelling

“Unfold” is a taster of what to expect from their upcoming album by Night House due for release later in the year. Going from the calibre and depth of their single, this new collection of songs will be something special.

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