Music can mean many things to many people.  It has motivated people to great heights as well as through troubled times.  An artist that puts together an album with a true meaning instead of just a collection of random singles sets themselves apart.  They are here to hep and guide people instead of just trying to make a quick buck.  One artist that has this meaningful passion is Norine Braun.

Norine Braun

The singer songwriter from Vancouver BC has been in the music game for a long while.  Norine Braun has created her own unique style by mixing elements of folk, roots rock, blues, and jazz.  It is a fresh take that has built her a loyal local following that has been following her for years.

Now Norine Braun is set to release her ninth studio album Conventus The Eye of the Heart. This record comes from a personal place as it was written and recorded as Norine was going through a life threatening battle with cancer, a death in the family, new beginnings, and a celebration of life and unions.  The strength is shared with the listener and will serve the purpose of providing motivation and energy to live your best life.  The opening track “Lightning Strikes Twice” has a dark bass feel that creates a great groove as Norine shows off her impressive vocal range.  It is obvious right away that she has stories to tell and you should prepare to sit back and listen.  The off beat of “Dizzy” and the mixture of instruments combining to create a full wall of sound makes for an interesting listen.  There is a lot going on here and the song demands a few listens to take it all in.  The unique combination of sounds continues on “99%”.  There is a heavy blues influence here that sound like it should be right out of the New Orleans bayou instead of the Canadian wilderness.  The album closer “Conventus” goes in another direction that sounds almost psychedelic.  It pieces the record together well and gives a hint at where the next one will go.  We will be looking forward to it.  Go enter Norine Braun’s world at:

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