Music is a constantly changing environment and getting to the top and staying there requires an artist to constantly be changing and adapting to an industry in flux.  The days of writing the same song over and over and having a long career are gone.  Gaining knowledge is the best way to stay ahead.  One guy who seems to know this is our latest find Radikl.


Gabriel “Radikl” Orengo is a musician, music producer, singer, and songwriter.  His quest for musical knowledge began at the age of 5 when he began taking piano, drums, and singing lessons.  The Jersey City, NJ native is now based in Orlando, Florida where he continues gaining the necessary skills studying at Full Sail University on the path to get his bachelors degree in Recording Arts.  He also keeps his mind open to learning by constantly collaborating with others who may have knowledge to share.  This is an artist that knows what he wants and is willing to do what it takes to go after it.

Radikl has recently released a mixtape on to share his talents with the world.  There are some impressive covers scattered throughout the record to show off Radikl’s well groomed voice including Frank Ocean’s “Thinking About You” and Usher tracks “Can You Help Me” and “Climax”.  The standout cover for me though was Radikl’s take on “Let Me Love You” by Ne-yo.  The slowed down version sounds heartfelt and romantic as he makes it his own.  On the original “Work It Out” the collage of sounds creates a pop song that will remain in the listeners memory way after the end of the track.  The vocals here are again the highlight.  Radikal slows it down with the last full track “Reckless Love”.  The piano ballad brings back that warm cozy feeling of a romantic heart.  Go get yourself a taste of Radikl’s skills and download the mixtape for free at

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