Normal Suits Provide “In Threes”

There’s such magic that can come from bands fully controlling their sound. With Baltimore rockers, Normal Suits, they ensure complete authenticity from their sound. They’ve taken total control of the creating process, doing everything from writing, to performing, recording, and mixing/mastering their own music. The results are sophisticated, unadulterated rock and they’re here with more with their latest single “In Threes.”

“In Threes” is the perfect summer release for Normal Suits. The instrumentals are layered in a funky, beach-y way that gives off the quintessential summer vibe that ties in perfectly with their flashy indie rock sound. Upon first listen, “In Threes” was pretty immediately entrancing, asking for a repeat listen after the first.

You can listen to “In Threes” below

The quality of this release is impeccable. You can tell that this trio has had decades in the business together, because their sound is pristine and clean. “In Threes” was masterfully put together and executed, making for one monster of a summer release for the band.

It takes less than three minutes to have you completely encapsulated by this single. With a chorus as catchy as any radio rock song I’ve ever heard, you’ll find yourself dancing and singing along. “Don’t plug it in, don’t plug it in, don’t plug it in.” Normal Suits have really outdone themselves creating an instant hit.

If they weren’t on your radar before, then you’ll surely need to add Normal Suits to your list of bands to watch out for. They’ve proven they have what it takes to make it throughout years in the industry, and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon.

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