Not My God Releases “Ashes”

Barebones and brutal in subtler terms than I would initially expect, Not My God’s “Ashes” instrumentally captures the darkness from which its lyrics are born rather elegantly, all things considered. For this being a heavy, industrial rock track, there’s a somewhat delicate approach being taken to the arrangement of the beats and melodic ribbonry they frame, and it speaks to how seriously Not My God takes this medium in general. “Ashes” has a lot of tone, texture, and moxie driving its disturbing harmonies, but one thing it doesn’t possess is a lot of filler to come between artists and audience. 

Visually, the video for this single has a goth metal vibe that transcends the limitations of punky industrial rock, but it keeps accents to a minimum. Instead of relying on camp to get us entranced by the music and the imagery adorning the video for “Ashes,” an interaction between tempo, color, and the allusions made by the structure of this piece ultimately define the mood more than the soundtrack ever would have on its own (and, conversely, the visual experience). Full-bodied is one way to put it, but comparative to the competition, there’s just no competing with the love Not My God puts into their work here. 

Watch the video for “Ashes” below

The vocal is integrated with the synth parts all too perfectly to notice where the harmony starts and ends, and I would even say that this is part of the reason why the lyrics come off as unnerving as they do. Delivery is everything in a performance of this nature, and “Ashes” sees Not My God bringing a sharper attack into the fold that I’ve been failing to see much of from their closest peers in the American and British undergrounds in recent times. This is thought-provokingly dark, which isn’t the case as much as it should be in contemporary industrial work. 

I’m very intrigued by “Ashes” and the creative minds behind its release, and I think there’s a lot more for Not My God to consider exploring within their sound in the future. I want more from the synth componentry in this single – there’s a vast plain of surreal, tonal brilliance lying just beneath the cosmetic surface of “Ashes,” and if set in the right direction I think Not My God could develop something fearlessly atmospheric out of the template they present the world with in this release. I’m signed up for more, and discriminating alternative rock enthusiasts should do the same. 

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