Richard Tyler Epperson Is Set To Release ‘Another Day’

Richard Tyler Epperson

The passion for music has a strong will. A true musician will find a way to create music even when obstacles are put in their way. For those artists, music is more than just a collection of sounds. Our friend Richard Tyler Epperson is one of these artists and has new music coming out that shows his true dedication.

At a young age, the future singer-songwriter had a feeling that music was his purpose. So much so that at age twelve he sold his Star Wars figures to buy a bass guitar. As Richard Tyler Epperson told us, “I’m a big Star Wars fan and those figures were important to me, but not as much as music.” He spent years creating his own unique style and sharpening his musical skills. This would take him on a lifelong journey with many twists and turns along the way.

Indie Band Guru had covered the album Falling Between The Stars by Richard Tyler Epperson back in 2013. Another album, Hourglass, followed in 2014. Then a hiatus came as Epperson raised a family and dealt with the challenges of ‘real’ life. As pandemic lockdowns hit, motivation and desire to make music returned. Building a soundproof recording booth and recording in every free moment he could find resulted in the upcoming EP Another Day set for release on October 15th.

As the record opens with “When I Build My World” we can sense the emotion that Richard Tyler Epperson pours into his music. The romantic lyrics come with feeling as a smooth backdrop of sound provides a comforting vibe. Perfect welcome to the new album.

“Tonight” Richard Tyler Epperson

We go deeper with “Tonight (Wicked Lies)” as a darker, more experimental sound shows its face. Producer Patrick Wörner was brought in to help with the mix throughout this album and it definitely pays off here. The warmth of Epperson is still there and shines through.

The stripped back opening of title track “Another Day” highlights the elegance that can be offered. As the song progresses multiple layers are added to build the full aura of the song. Beautiful. “What Should I Do” continues this feel as we get an inside look inside the thought process of the singer.

The cohesive album is a great journey into where Richard Tyler Epperson has been and hopefully where he continues to go. Keep up for yourself on his WEBSITE or social media:

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