Only Shadows Vows to ‘Escape’ Routines with New Single

Only Shadows

For those who find themselves getting stuck in the routinely aggravating moves of daily life, Only Shadows has just dropped “Escape.”

The new single from the band is the follow-up to “Fight Milk,” released last month. From the reception of 2016’s “Be Still,” to “Fight Milk” and the release of “Escape,” Only Shadows is riding high a a well-deserved reception, release after release.

Only Shadows Searches for ‘Escape’

The single is an anthem to those who are at their wits end with the mundane activities of their everyday life. Times like when it’s hard to find the motivation to simply get out of bed. But there’s always a way out of this seemingly endless rut.

As described by front man Nick Ashby, “The song came from frustration and anger of the repetition of life, maybe coming from a small town has led to those feelings. It’s about getting out of it and doing something about it, not taking no for an answer.”

The pop rock feel-good track gives forth a “this too shall pass”-like mantra throughout. The bright, heavy vocals by Ashby and cheerful instruments make this tune as fun as it is meaningful.

A Tone of Optimism

Optimism is a key component of “Escape,” ringing through the vocals and the melodies. The music video is the main exhibit of optimism. Rather than being a boring black and white description of emptiness, Only Shadows decided to display the best parts of life, goofing off with each other and hanging around. The simple result of being around friends but vibing off of that feeling it gives you.

The song emulates the theme that if you want to do something and break out of these cycling routines, you have to push through if you’re going to see a result. Not only inspirational but super fun to jam out to, “Escape” is a perfect single for times of burnout.

So if you’re having the feeling and you just wanna push out, escape that town.