Only Shadows Release Debut Single “Be Still”

Only Shadows

By Emma Cohen of Indie Band Guru

Hailing from across the pond, Only Shadows is a four member group founded in 2014.

Though young, they are nurturing a distinct sound. It is a sound somewhat similar to their fellow countrymen Coldplay, albeit through an indie filter. Neither pop nor interpretive, the fast moving drumming and guitar sounds make an atmosphere all of their own.

Only Shadows has released their debut single “Be Still” in advance of their upcoming debut album, set to release later this spring or summer. This new song’s welcome to world is long awaited, as Only Shadows has been touring steadily throughout England last year, building a growing and dedicated fan base.

Only Shadows’ New Single Soothes

Listening to “Be Still” felt like riding a wave in the ocean. It starts slow and relaxed, like a current during low tide — then, as the drums begin to pick up, the beat gains momentum. By the end of the first minute, it was clear that the song itself is about gaining momentum and spirit, more so than staying mellow and relaxed.

The harmony created by the entire group in support of the lead vocals is particularly great. However, my favorite aspect of this track was the guitar and drum relationship, as the two seem to egg each other on without either overpowering the other. Even when there was a great combination of chords on the guitar, the drums were still able to shine without taking away from it. It is the splendid relationship between all aspects of the group which made the song so fantastic.

Taking in this song was a joy. There were highs and there were lows but, overall, I loved how good it felt to be riding a wave with such talented musicians. I can honestly say that if the rest of Only Shadows‘ music is anything like this, then only great things will follow the release of this track.

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