Hameed – Keeping Hip Hop Fresh


The more we dive deeper and deeper into the underground music out there, the more we are amazed by some of the talent.  Not only singing or talent with an instrument but the talented producers out there creating new sounds that sounds fresh and exciting.  A new artist we just came across that fits that bill is Hameed.

The superbly talented singer, rapper, and songwriter was born in Lagos, Nigeria.  Although he is now based in Laurel, Hammed brings a taste of his African upbringing along with some new styles that suggest he may have spent some time in outer space.  As mainstream music becomes stale we need artists like Hameed that can bring new things to the table and change the musical landscape.  His fame is building fast as he sets to deliver the natural essence back to music.  He calls his sound Wazy Music.



After releasing his full-length album Metanoia last year, Hameed is back with some new sounds to please our ears.  The next single “WMN (With My Niggas)” is a smooth hip hop track that continues to show that edge that Hameed is bringing to the table.  The vocal delivery has that sultry style that brings an R&B taste to the track.  The soundscape that beats along in the background eases the soul letting the focus be on the lyrics while still staying fresh and innovative.

Keep up with Hameed on social media at:

IG: @simplyhameed

Twitter: @woaahhh

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