Sizzy Rocket Teases with Risque Single

Sizzy Rocket

By Emma Cohen of Indie Band Guru

With a sound reminiscent of P!nk and Ke$ha, it is no wonder that Sizzy Rocket has caught the music industry’s attention — and it is a wonder that there’s no punctuation in her name.

Her fast moving videos and songs push the normal image of a pop princess by adding hints of punk and electronica. Her most recent release, “THRILLS,” is another blast of energy and attitude. This was the first official single from Sizzy Rocket’s newest album, also called THRILLS, which is out now.

Sizzy Rocket Filled with Energy

The song’s overall melody is upbeat and filled with determination, however the lyrics prove to be a tad darker. This is the perfect song for young adults, perhaps on the verge of starting their post-collegiate lives — it embodies a deep sense of confidence in the listener. There is something very empowering about listening to this song.

Heavy drums and monotone vocals fill the chorus, allowing the beat to be pushed into the ears of listeners without seeming to articulated. Yet after these slower moments, the song picks right back up again returns to its roots, an ode to the modern age of female-forward power pop. I loved how there are so many different aspects to the tune. It isn’t one simple beat, melody, or pace — it is ever-changing, just like the modern adult. The P!nk and Ke$ha influences are palpable throughout, and it even reminds me of M.I.A. at points, which was great.

Adding to the great song was the interesting and personal music video. Watching the video made me feel as if I was friends with Sizzy Rocket, sharing a connection and inside jokes. The song as a whole caught me by surprise — I loved how I felt listening to it and constantly pressed the reply button. The different levels to the song made it irresistible to my ear drums.

“THRILLS” is an excellent marker of what to expect from the rest of THRILLS.

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