Ottawa are not ‘Wrong’ to Release their Fifth Track From Their Summer Project


Ottawa releases a new track, “Wrong”, and are close to completing their six-song series. The band has been working on releasing this project throughout the summer.


We are back looking at the Cleveland-based band consisting of Dale DeLong (Lead vocals), Tim Czajka (Guitar), Jeremy Barnes (Bass), and Will Hooper (Guitar and backup vocals).


Unlike their first song from this project, “Strangers”, it is a bit more of a simple tune. “Strangers” was much more upbeat and left us wanting more. They did just that with their follow-up tracks “The Good Kind”, “No More Love Songs”, and “Undercover”.


However, they decided to calm down the hype and more energized tone with “Wrong”.



In “Wrong”, the song kicks in tranquilly and is followed up by an emotional chorus. The guitar and drums vibe together well to create an inspiring and more powerful background for the vocals.


The electric guitar solo towards the end gives the song a bit more of a dimension to pick up the simpler tones. It adds a touch of excitement that was given in other Ottawa tracks.


Although it makes sense for the band to want to add in a calmer tune to give the project a taste of relaxation, the song remains a bit repetitive.


The feelings and instrumental talent are there but not used to its potential in this track. Unlike their other songs released earlier this summer, the vocals aren’t very strong. They’re not weak, but just a little more on the simple, average side.


My favorite part of “Wrong” would definitely be the electric guitar solo and the gradual buildup that instills a sense of a haunting emotion. The lyrics are dramatic yet hopeful.


Overall, the song was simple but still showed the band’s range of attitude they put into their music.


The project is due to conclude on September 21st with a video accompanying their last track.


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