Pesh Milli Drops A Hot New Track “V Roy”

The beat is often a central point of connection in a hip-hop track, and while it has quite an important part to play in the new single “V Roy” by Pesh Milli, it’s not the lone focus that this artist has to share with us in his latest release. If anything, I would say that the rhythm in this performance is meant to counter the depth of the lead vocal Milli is throwing up at the mic, and there are few instances in which he doesn’t sound determined to war with the arrangement in this song – all for the sport of making hip-hop hot again.

This bassline is admittedly bruising and would probably be enough to knock $not or Gunna on their behinds, but Pesh Milli embraces its muscularity with a sense of ease that really impressed me right out of the gate in “V Roy.” He could have circumvented the complicated segue into the chorus by going with something a little leaner, but I can tell he wanted to take on a challenge that some of his closest rivals would have turned away from. His moxie is a big part of what attracted me to this single, and it’s something I expect to hear more of in his future work.

Pesh Milli’s vocal doesn’t need a big boost from behind the board, and I think it was wise of producers to steer clear of anything over the top from the percussion. It would have lent a drill vibe to what feels like a more melodic rap single than it first lets on, and in a live performance I haven’t any concerns about whether or not this player would be able to deliver just as much of the chills-inducing linguistic charisma he does in this studio version of “V Roy.”

I love the direction this guy is going in right now, and although there’s still a lot of time for him to compile an artistic smorgasbord of influences going into the recording of his next track, I wouldn’t recommend Pesh Milli do much in terms of changing his current formula. What he’s got in “V Roy” is smooth and unrecycled, which, in comparison to what I listen to out of his scene in a lot of instances, is not the norm to say the least. This is something he needs to run with, and those who are picky about the hip-hop they spin will likely agree with me.

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