A great way to build up some promotion for a single release is to get other people involved in creating the music.  We recently came across PHiL GooD who did just that and it has been working extremely well.

Phil Good

The artist and producer is based in Cologne, Germany where he runs an independent record label, distribution network, music-business think-tank and marketing agency.  PHil Good is a busy man but is doing something he loves.  Having grown up with computers, he combined his two loves and began to produce his own hip-hop beats and electronic music.

On May 15th PHiL GooD will be releasing his new deep house single “I.N.T.G.O.”  The song blends a wide variety of sounds that seem to come from every direction to create a full wall of noise.  It will be extremely hard to keep your body from moving as you listen to this one.  The release will also include remixes by contest winners DanCraBro (UK) and Sid Key (DE).

The “I.N.T.G.O.” single will be available on a wide variety of digital platforms such as Amazon, Beatport, Deezer, Google Play, iTunes, Juno, Muz.ru, Nokia Music, Play.com, rdio, Rhapsody, Simfy, Spotify, WiMP, XBox Music…and soundcloud + youtube.

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