Phora Releases New Video For “Blame on Me”

Phora, the rap pseudonym for Marco Anthony Archer, was birthed after Archer’s attempt at changing his life around from a life of petty crimes and altercations with dangerous peers. By the time of this review, he had begun his own record label, Yours Truly, and was signed into Warner Bros. Studios. Archer suffered through years of persistent anxiety and chronic mental breakdowns throughout his youth and found tattooing and music as his healthiest outlets. After a series of album drops and collaborations, Archer is seeing himself at nearly two million monthly Spotify listeners and sold-out tours.

Recently, Phora has released a music video for his newest single entitled “Blame on Me.” It’s a track from his latest album, Bury Me With Dead Roses, which entails sixteen tracks. The music video for the single entails a lustrous shot of the oceanic landscape, struck by the late evening mist. Phora is standing atop the edge of a slickly-cleansed swimming pool, prancing and rapping in front of the vast horizon.

The song style and the music video is reminiscent of Drake’s early music that led him to stardom. “The song Find Your Love” shares a similar style to the tone of this single. Crooning lyrics of regretful choices breeding lost love in front of glossy and fading beachsides and nightclubs. Instill the scenery with polished architecture and beautiful women in white robes and that is what makes up “Blame on Me.”

The single is nothing special to boast about, but it’s fairly catchy. The music video nicely adds to the romanticized flare of the feeling of love. A place beyond other people’s perce3tion or presence, where only you and your lover reside. “Blame on Me” is a nice addition to Phora’s catalog, but not his most memorable one.

Although, singles like these are usually spawned once an artist receives some notoriety. As well as with Drake, artists like Pharrell Williams and Lil Wayne would make similar types of singles once after they’ve amassed their own following and afford the finds to find such luscious scenery to film in. Just that alone exemplifies the feat that Phora had reached.

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