VLADDY MACK Takes Us To “Labadee”


Urban music man of mystery Vladdy Mack is part of a growing legion of artists who don’t give away much info about themselves, preferring to keep the public and press focused on their work, not their personalities. What we do know about Mack is that he’s not part of the Autotuned, Migos-style staccato rap sound that’s been dominant in recent years but has his own more natural style that’s fresh and engaging. His new single “Labadee” is a perfect example of how he does things and what he brings to the game. 

“Labadee” is a love song built on a catchy nylon-string guitar sample and a breezy beat with a booming kick drum and a sunny day, summertime vibe that will light up your speakers. It’s a radio-friendly track with a friendly pop feel that has unlimited crossover potential. Mack delivers his lyrics in chilled-out flows with a warm vocal tone that shows he was born for life on the mic. The chorus is an instant earworm that will implant itself into you and not let go, just like a hit single is supposed to do. 

Mack is clearly angling for something bigger and deeper than the typical hip-hop artist, so much so that some might dismiss his work for being too far outside of the mainstream. That would be a big mistake, however, because he’s the kind of high-functioning artist who flies in the face of dominant trends and ends up changing them. His goal is to reach people into quality music that features lyrics they can relate to and understand. “Labadee” has what it takes to make that happen and will make you wonder what else he has coming next. Vladdy Mack is a strong new artist with a universal appeal.

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