Integrating influences from darkwave, psychedelia, post-punk, aesthetical indulgence, modern surrealism, synthpop, and anti-corporate alternative rock into a single style might sound, to some at least, like an overly complex task that could wind up being overwhelming to the casual listener – however, if you listen to the music of PIERA right now, you might have a different take on the concept. This SoCal unit’s new music video for their star single “Unraveling” takes melodic and compositional componentry from across the indie rock spectrum and throws it into a melting pot of juggernaut sonic strength, and for a critic like myself, it feels like a beacon in an otherwise dark time for the eclectic movement in western pop music. 

PIERA went barebones with the video for “Unraveling,” focusing on the fabric of their performance chemistry and creative foundations as opposed to getting fanciful with props and external elements unrelated to the narrative at hand. This is a duo that could care less about incorporating a corporate sponsor’s branding into their artistry; they’ve got too much of a story to be told for anything to get in their path here, and through rhythm and rhyme alike, that story unfolds all too effortlessly as a result of their executional diligence. 

I feel the noise rock and industrial influences in the chorus shift in “Unraveling,” and as we get towards the conclusion of the track you can definitely notice the rock undertow beginning to take control of the melodic direction in the music. One of the most exciting parts about this group’s sound, and their debut album for that matter, is that there’s no guessing what they’re going to throw in our direction next. This song captures the sensibilities of their style better than any other, but it’s hardly the lone reason to give their music a shot. 

This single and its music video have the look and feel of content made specifically for any of the critics who had the nerve to suggest that Los Angeles has lost its cultural center and the soul of its music scene in the last five years, as PIERA prove the exact opposite to be the truth. I don’t think they’ve reached their songwriting peak yet at all – this is just the beginning for this twosome, and at the rate they’re developing now, my gut tells me they’re going to continue to rise through the ranks of the underground as 2021 presses on. 

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