Lawn Mower Shares The Fun On ‘Autistic’

Lawn Mower

Music can definitely be an outlet for fun. In fact, that is the real reason many bands get started. Getting together to play music, create something, and enjoy the process will always be a good time. Our recent discovery Lawn Mower seems to take this to heart with their new album Autistic.

The project based out of Long Beach, California is the brainchild of songwriter Patric Moonie. Good friends Jon Summers (lead guitar) and Chad O’Conner (drums) were brought in to the fun to flesh out the songs. Together as Lawn Mower, they create a sound that mixes punk and garage rock with some art-rock flair. Playing fun music to get away from the stress of real life has resulted in a slew of songs that turned into a full record.

The 7-track Autistic album is a raw fun ride into the garage with Lawn Mower. The spacy sound of the title track “Autistic” lulls the listener into the room ready to sit back and have a good time. The pounding drum sound of “Pill” pushes the song along with a lyrical attack to match. Patric’s sister Claire Mooinie lends some piano riffs to the party as well.

‘Yellow’ from Lawn Mower

On “Yellow” a cool chugging guitar line gets the head bopping along. The short burst lyrical delivery paints the picture keeping us in tune to where Lawn Mower is setting up to take us next. The fun guitar experimentation continues as well. The art-punk comes to a head on “She Don’t Care” as sounds come through the speakers from every angle. Another raw fun ride. 

Hear more from Lawn Mower on their SPOTIFY.

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