When there is a musical talent seen at an early age it must be supported and nurtured to turn into something more and not end up being wasted.  Having a positive and supportive family is a great asset.  Our new discovery Pipo is a rising star that has this support.


The young producer, songwriter and singer from Pasadena, California is only 17 years old but has thrown all his energy into a career as a working musician.  It all started at the age of 8 when Pipo would turn shoeboxes into drum kits. This matured into electronic drums and then a full Pearl drum set.  He is a self-taught artist that has put in the time and can jump between different genres effortlessly.  Pipo gets involved in all aspects of his budding career as well including shooting music videos, producing his songs, and co-writing with other talented artists from the area.  

Last year saw the release of his debut EP We the Pipo, featuring the hit single “She Calls”, Pipo’s breakout song, “Battle” and the fan favorite track, “How to Love”.  The hard work of Pipo has continued and this year he has already put out the strong single “On Me”.  The song wastes no time and attacks with a raw energy right off the bat.  The lyrical flow is truly impressive as Pipo has a way with words and connects with the listener.  There is a party going on and Pipo is the ringleader.  Keep up with what is next at: www.PipoMusic.com

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