Up-and-Coming DMA’s Releases Single “In The Moment”


When the best bands or musicians first became successful, it was because of their own talent.

The Beatles were just teenagers when they started out, before the era of boy bands. Their success came because each member of the Beatles had a particular set of musical skills that they were masters at. Bob Dylan was a college dropout.  His success came with his superb songwriting.

Australian band DMA’s is taking the indie music world by storm, and it’s because of their raw musical talent.

DMA’s Dreamy Rock Hits Big

The Sydney-based group has only recently been making waves, but the work they’re coming out with has been years in the making. DMA’s, made up of Johnny Took, Matt Mason, and Tommy O’Dell, was formed in 2012, started out as a recording project. After finding their sound, though, the group took up live performance.  Their sound is catching on, in a big way, and they are currently in the middle of a world tour.

DMA’s newest single “In The Moment” is an example of the group’s own brand of alternative rock. From their debut full length Hills End, out last month, “In The Moment” is filled with a dreamy reverb and a sentimental, subtle energy that drives the passion in the song.

It’s got energy and feeling, but it’s also strikingly mellow, with an easy-going tempo and soft vocals that almost, but not quite, take a back seat. There’s a definite ’90s vibe you get from this song, with its grungy guitar riffs and airy vocals, similar to something you’d hear from Oasis.

It’s always exciting to watch a band on the move. Whether they’re already popular and still rising, or only beginning to break the surface, we can count on seeing bands such as DMA’s succeeding and doing so because of their skill.

Learn more about DMA’s, including upcoming tour dates, here.

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