The country music genre has been around for a very long time but not until relatively recently has it really picked up a lot of mainstream attention.  What was once stuck mainly in the South and smaller towns has caught the US by storm and has been exploding in all parts of the country.  California in particular has seen a lot of country music return and blend with other genres of music very successfully.  A recent find of ours, Pixley, has been showing how Country can reach the masses.


The duo from Seal Beach, California does not throw off the image that has been associated with Country music in the past.  Pixley consists of Josh Todd, a long time guitarist, and Elizabeth Rohrs, a High School teacher with a voice.  Fate stepped in and brought these two together with a goal to put a twist on country music by incorporating R&B, indie rock, and pop influences and reclassifying it as “California Country”.

Pixley has released a few songs on their website to showcase their unique style.  “Summer Nights” is a peppy track with a full wall of sound behind it to push forward the storytelling vocals.  On “Underneath The Roses” the band strips it down with just piano, strings and Elizabeth’s strong voice.  This is a pretty song that brings a mellow mood to your ears.  The last track “Harken” comes off as an epic feeling song with a slow build that captures attention throughout.  Keep a country ear on these rising stars at:


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