One thing that has seemed to fallen out of favor in the music world is the concept album.  It seems nowadays most artists are just out for the big hit single that they can sell on iTunes for 0.99 and forgetting all about making a statement of emotion with their music.  The band Post Trauma who we have introduced to you before here, knows that their is more to music than just getting the next pop song on the radio.

The California based and Jagermeister sponsored band has been hard at work preparing a double album for the past 2 years.  This has not slowed them down on the road as they have performed over 200 shows during this time building up a fanbase eager for their next release.

Post Trauma

The first half of their double album undertaking Sleepless, was released late in 2012.  Now Post Trauma has returned with the conclusion, Dreamless.  This second half dives deeper into the rock side of the band featuring a darker, louder, heavier and more self indulgent sound.  This only goes to show off the range of the band after the more mellow country influenced Sleepless.  Dreamless opens with the well crafted ‘Come Alive’.  The impressive guitar skill, bouncy bass line, and drum beat will have your head bopping 30 seconds into the album.  Post Trauma manages to surprise me once again with ‘Nicolai, Nicolai’, a fun guitar driven track with an alternative rock sound sung entirely in Spanish (I think).  It doesn’t matter that I could not understand the lyrics because the music was there.  The band slows it down some with the bluesy ‘Baby Don’t Go’.  The heartbreak experienced is shared with the listener throughout the song even when it picks up into a more melodic upbeat sound with an inspiring piano solo.  The playful ‘The Jerk Off Song’ is a jangly track that will grab the listener by the collar and demand multiple listens to take in all the storytelling lyrics.    The Dreamless album closes with the very suitable cover of Aerosmith’s ‘Dream On’.  This echoing in space version adds a depth to an already incredible song.  Indie Band Guru will recommend once again that you keep an eye and ear on the rising star that is Post Trauma at:

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